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Bye~Bye~ Blemishes was designed by myself, B. Grey after I did extensive research on essential oils, all natural spices/herbs and their effects on our skin. This research was done after I discovered I was accumulating acne on my face and on my back during stressful times, before my menstrual cycle started, or when the weather changed. In an effort to cure my new onset of acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne scars, I tried so many over the counter and prescription treatments. Some of which worked for a short period of time, and others which did not work at all.

Subsequently, my mother tried to help by mailing me one of her go-to facial products. However, upon receiving the product my mother informed me the product could not be used if I was trying to conceive. Since I was not trying to make any new additions to my family, I decided out of desperation to give the product a try. Shortly after, the skin on my face started to peel. My mother advised me that the product had to take its course before I could be cured of the acne and acne scars. It was at that time that I decided to take fate into my own hands! That's when I created an all-natural, 100% plant-based regiment to permanently clear my skin.

Then in 2016,  after trial and error to find the perfect balance of ingredients along with the perfect textures came "The Original Formula." The Original Formula, is a trio in its entirety. Initially, I designed Step One of the trio: the Bye~Bye~Blemishes Daily Cleanser/ Facial Mask. This was followed by Steps 2 and 3, the Bye~Bye~Blemishes Toner and the Bye~Bye~Blemishes Moisturizer. Shortly after came a variety of Bye~Bye~Blemishes Raw Sugar, Sea Salt facial/ body scrubs along with our Bye~Bye~Blemishes signature Whipped Butter body cream.

Founder B Grey

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About Us

BBB products are amazing at restoring PH levels, cleansing, and improving skin tone. Each bottle of the entire skin care line is hand -crafted with excellence to provide anti-inflammatory effect with bacteria killing and lightening properties for hyperpigmentation and/or dark spots . Mixtures of herbs like Rosemary and Aloe Vera, spices like Cinnamon and Nutmeg, and essential oils like Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree creates a formula that unclog pores, cures acne, calms inflamed/irritated skin, and evens skin tones. I have strategically formulated our skin care line to provide premium hydration to cure eczema and psoriasis. Our exfoliating products were carefully designed and has yielded optimum results in removing dead skin and curing stretch marks! WELL.... SAY HELLO TO... NO SAY BYE~BYE TO ALL YOUR BLEMISHES. 

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