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I, Bianca Grey have formulated and handcrafts each product of Bye Bye Blemishes, all-natural skin care line. Once my profession as a Certified Medical Coder was no longer gratifying, my motivation peaked to become a high achiever in the Beauty Industry. This desire was the motivating factor behind me becoming a Licensed Esthetician. Wait, let me not aim to be politically correct. To be honest, out of nowhere my new struggle became that of adult acne and bald spots in my hair. A visit to my Dermatologist left me feeling helpless as I did not agree with the diagnosis. Moreover, I hated the treatment options! Knowing one of my best attributes is my ability to self-teach, I conducted extensive research on holistic approaches to flawless skin and healthy tresses. Once I started to see results from my “concoctions” I started sharing DIY skincare recipes and sharing my day/night time skincare regimens. I gave products away as gifts. My husband noticed my results as well as the results of everyone following my regiments using my products; he encouraged me to start selling products! Yes, you’re reading correctly! Bianca is a natural creative, a Certified Medical Coder, and a Wife, but that is only the beginning. Shortly after, my husband started encouraging me to turn my new found interest/hobby into a part-time job, I was unexpectedly laid off my full-time Remote Coding position! Considering my love for shopping for my children and myself, I felt compelled to take my husband up on his brilliant idea to sell my handmade products. Please do not forget to add being a Mother at the top of the list of my most prized accomplishment/titles. Consequently, I formulated the products on my plant based skin care line, designed the business logo, selected packaging, designed the labels, registered the business, trademarked the logo, designed and launched the Ecommerce website by myself in TWO WEEKS! Then, I became a vendor at a few local Farmer’s Market’s. Firstly, being a local vendor was definitely an exciting accomplishment. However, while many “locals” loved and appreciated the product line, most people question the production/distribution. Honestly, the truth is I perused becoming a Licensed Esthetician just to be valued by my customers as a credible source and as a trustworthy Artisan Skincare Maker! Well, anyone who knows me knows, if I can conceive it then, I can achieve it. I embarked on my journey to becoming an Esthetician by enrolling in a 12 months Esthetic course in Beauty School. I completed the program in 6 months as I attended both morning and night classes daily in an effort to achieve my goal sooner rather than later. That’s just who I am! I am always in a rush to get things done. In some ways that works to my benefit. Please add Licensed Esthetician to my list of titles. While I know that what we do for a living does not define the kind of person we are, I almost never introduce myself without saying, “I am BIANCA GREY the Owner/Creator of Bye Bye Blemishes all natural skin care line and I’M a Licensed Esthetician” (proudly with a smile, and my head held high). THIS IS WHO I AM AND WHAT I DO….. SKINCARE IS WHAT I LOVE! WELL, THEN WHAT IS BYE BYE BLEMISHES? Bye Bye Blemishes is an all-natural skin care line made from premium, organic, non-GMO ingredients. My handcrafted skincare line does not contain any harmful chemicals nor does the products contain chemical preservatives. The products are perfect for healthy skin maintenance. However, the products are geared towards relieving skin conditions such as: acne, hyperpigmentation, Psoriasis, Eczema, and so many more! The product line consist of cleansers: the Daily Cleanser Clear Pore Mask, and the Anti-Inflammatory Aloe Vera Face Wash. There are several exfoliators (scrubs) on the line. The scrubs were formulated based on skin types and skin conditions. For example, the Turmeric Scrub is a sugar base exfoliator which is geared towards diminishing acne and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). The Detox Citrus Scrub is a salt base exfoliator which provides many benefits to the skin. The line also consist of an all-natural Toner which minimizes excess oils, minimizes enlarged pores, and restores the pH of the skin. What sets Bye Bye Blemishes organic skincare line apart from other skincare lines, especially store bought products (I am not against PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE product lines) is the fact that BBB was NOT formulated with the objective of having a product “FIGHTING” or “COMBATING” acne. Bye Bye Blemishes was formulated to heal and nourish the skin through the use of herbs, vitamins, therapeutic grade essential oils, as well as cold and expeller pressed carrier oils. Making the product is as equally gratifying as providing esthetic services to my clients. You can find detailed product and service information via the website WWW.BYEBYEBLEMISHES.COM. Well, there you have it; an official introduction. Now that I have introduced myself, follow us on social media and sign up for our mailing list via the website. Stay tuned for more valuable skincare content written by me, posted on my website, coming soon! 

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