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  Prior to becoming a Licensed Esthetician, I never thought in a million years that people would respond to such a critical question like “What is your skincare regiment” with such a bizarre answer. As an Esthetician, in order to recommend products I always do consultations. The reasons for consultations are: to fully understand my clients’ goals and expectations of the preferred treatment, to become aware of my clients’ skin issues if any, to fully understand my clients’ lifestyles, and contributing factors that may exacerbate his/her skin conditions or hinder his/her goal of attaining healthy skin. One of the main questions I ask to help build a solid skincare regiment is the one I am addressing today! 

Surprisingly, too many people have responded to this question by stating “I really don’t use anything on my face but water.” UMMMM HUH, WAIT WHAT??????? SO LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT, YOU WASH YOUR HAIR WITH A CLEANSING PRODUCT, YOU WASH YOUR BODY WITH A CLEANSING PRODUCT, YOU WASH YOUR DISHES WITH DISH DETERGENT, YOU WASH YOUR CLOTHES AND EVEN YOUR SHOES WITH A CLEANSING AGENT, BUT YOU ONLY USE WATER ON YOUR FACE? Needless to say, I felt compelled to write on this topic. The people who have responded this way believe that at some point or another they used a product to cleanse their face and it resulted in a negative or undesired reaction. While the above statement may be true, IT IS NOT THE ACT OF CLEANSING THE FACE THAT IS THE PROBLEM IT IS THE PRODUCT THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Water has never and will never be sufficient to cleanse the skin. 

When selecting a cleanser most people just purchase products based on the recommendations of friends and family members, and/or most people select products from the beauty aisle of the nearest store based on the packaging. One may possibly purchase a skincare product based on the claims of the product written on the packaging, or the claims of the commercials. I say all of this to say, people almost never purchase facial cleansers based on their skin type. All products should be geared towards one’s skin type. THIS IS WHERE THE REAL PROBLEM COMES FROM! The fact that people almost never select the correct cleanser to achieve their desired goals is a direct result of them not knowing their skin type as well as them not understanding how the skin works. Another critical component to selecting the correct skincare products that are geared towards one’s skin type, geared towards one’s skin condition, and one’s desired results is the essential requirement of product ingredients knowledge. 

All things considered, the reason some people have opted to stop cleansing their faces is consequential of the lack of knowledge. The lack of knowledge of skin types, the lack of knowledge on product ingredients, the ignorance of believing that water could ever thoroughly cleanse the skin and keep the skin healthy without the aid of an effective facial cleanser. WATER IS JUST NOT ENOUGH; IT SIMPLY IS NOT SUFFICIENT! Consequently, one should schedule an appointment with a Licensed Esthetician for an in-depth skin analysis that the professional may educate them. Likewise, it’s best to speak with a Skincare Specialist for product recommendation. Lastly, please be proactive by doing extensive research on the ingredients used in the product of your choice. Chances are, unless you select an all-natural, herbal, plant based product; the ingredients in your OTC or professional skincare products will diminish acne, occasional breakouts, and acne scars. However, these products will likely have a drying or peeling effect on one’s skin. Equally, the absence of product ingredient facts decreases the chances of reaching expected outcomes and increases the chances of an adverse effect! You’ll find this to be true, especially in instances where the product is only recommended for the current condition one’s battling without any consideration of the skin type or effects of the ingredients. Always remember, the first step to achieving healthy skin is to thoroughly cleanse AND USING ONLY WATER IS NOT AN OPTION! OH, LET US NOT FORGET TO EXFOLIATE, MOISTURIZE, AND USE SPF DAILY... BUT I’LL WRITE ON THAT SUBJECT MATTER NEXT TIME! 

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